Let Neymar Jr Fast Track You to Play the in the PokerStars Blowout Series for FREE!

Let Neymar Jr Fast Track You to Play the in the PokerStars Blowout Series for FREE!


There is great news for all poker fans. After a three-year break, the mega-popular Brazilian footballer Neymar has again become the ambassador of the largest poker network – PokerStars. The Paris Saint-Germain striker is not only a famous footballer but also an enthusiastic poker player. He regularly participates in the largest cash tournaments and has already built a good reputation in poker. Therefore, PokerStars management again decided to invite Neymar as their representative.

The player will participate in different poker tournaments in 2021. By the way, if you knock Neymar out of one of the events in the Blowout Series, the poker room will immediately award you a bonus of one thousand dollars. You can recognize the famous football player under the nickname – neymar-jr.

What will Neymar do?

Poker is undoubtedly Neymar’s second favorite game after football. He loves to play No-Limit Texas Hold’em online and the footballer takes part in live tournaments in the largest rooms in the USA and Europe. Over the past two years, the PSG forward has played in at least 650 online poker events. And although the footballer does not need money at all, during this time, he managed to pocket more than $100,000 in prize money.

Neymar’s main function as a leading PokerStars ambassador is advertising and marketing promotion of this prominent online room. The poker operator’s PR specialists have developed a new concept to create increased responsibility for poker players. Therefore, PokerStars has outlined the main priorities for 2021 – only safe and responsible poker. And Neymar should help the gambling operator to cope with this challenging task. Subscribe to the official Twitter of Neymar to get his status updates with important info on poker tournaments immediately.

Blowout Series Tournaments

In December 2020, PokerStars announced the opening of a breaking new super online poker festival called the Blowout Series. The tournament will come to an end on January 19, 2021. The operator’s management announced $60,000,000 in guaranteed prizes. They will be raffled in 88 events at the low, medium, and high limits, as it is customary at the PokerStars online festivals. Any poker player from any country in the world can play.

On Sundays during the festival, PokerStars will host the Big Blowout No-Limit Hold’em tournament with a guarantee of at least five million dollars. After signing a deal with Neymar, PokerStars management announced the start of an exclusive promotion called Neymar Jr Fast Tracks.

Each player can get free tickets to Big Blowouts events through the Neymar Jr Fast Track Freeroll. Five thousand tickets for the first round of Fast Track are raffled here every day for a price of one dollar. This means that PokerStars is going to give away $5,000 for free every day.

Under the terms of this unprecedented promotion, any player will be able to receive a Blowout Series participation package for free, which costs almost two thousand dollars. This includes tickets to Blow out tournaments at 1,050, 530, 215, 109, and 11 dollars. In order to win a free package, a player must take part in any qualifying stage of the upcoming tournament:

Sit and Go tournament for four to 12 players with a one-dollar buy-in;Sit and Go tournament for 21 players with eleven dollars buy-in;Multitable tournament with a $109 buy-in.

Additionally, PokerStars will be giving away free prize ticketing to the most recent multi-table tournament ending January 2021.

How can you get the $600 welcome bonus?

So, friends! There is another pleasant news for you. If you want to play BIG BLOWOUT tournaments with guaranteed prizes of at least 20 million dollars, you will need to create a PokerStars account. Therefore, download the PokerStars client to receive a 100% welcome bonus up to $600. Then, you should create a free PokerStars account and make a deposit using an exclusive bonus code STARS600. Thus, the first three deposits combined will bring you $600.

Therefore, now you have four months to use your bonus money to play cash poker games, including the Sunday Million Spin & Go tournaments.

What does Neymar think about the new deal with PokerStars?

Neymar adores playing No-Limit Holdem. According to the Paris Saint Germain winger, poker has always been his second-biggest hobby after football. “I really enjoy playing both with friends and participating in poker tournaments around the world. I love excitement, tough rivalry, and especially play for high stakes in tournaments worth millions. Therefore, I am so thrilled to be the PokerStars Ambassador again. I like the past collaboration and now we are together again.” Neymar Jr. also hopes that online poker will attract even more players in 2021, and the coronavirus will not hinder the tournament`s schedule.

By the way, Neymar often participates in live poker tournaments. As a Barcelona player, Neymar was a frequent contributor to the European Poker Tour for high rollers. The football star was often accompanied by such famous players as Arthur Melo and Gerard Piquet, as well as famous representatives of other sports including some prominent NBA players.

The list of the prominent PokerStars ambassadors

The poker room constantly cooperates with many celebrities from the world of sports, cinema, art, and music. In addition to Neymar, among the notable PokerStars ambassadors we are proud to mention the following people:

2012 – 2015 – Rafael Nadal – the prominent Spanish tennis player;2015 – Cristiano Ronaldo – the world’s highest-paid footballer;2015 – 2017 – Neymar – Brazilian football star;2016 – Mahendra Singh Dhoni – the former captain of the Indian national cricket team;2019 – Nawazuddin Siddiqui – one of the most prominent contemporary Indian actors;2020 – Steve Enriquez – a former football player, Spanish TV host, and professional poker player.

The final verdict

If you have read this valuable review to the end, now you know where to spend time playing your favorite card game. Participate in all rounds of the Blowout event and get a chance to pocket good cash prizes. One of the most prominent football players in the world Neymar Junior has become the next ambassador of the popular poker room PokerStars. He will begin to perform his new duties in January 2021. Now you have got a great opportunity to play with Neymar. Don’t miss the great chance to make good money and get some extra bonuses for playing Poker Stars tournaments.


Author: Aaron Patterson