Playing the American Club Application – PokerBros

Playing the American Club Application – PokerBros


?? An American club application PokerBros is very zealous in protecting the interests of its fancy clients and categorically doesn’t want to see players from Russian-speaking countries in their clubs, considering them too strong and professional.

? Also the reputation of the Russian-speaking poker community was severely damaged by bots – they continue to communicate with poker players who are seen using / distributing bots / prompts, hugging on offline episodes, taking interviews, they are active on the forums. On the topic of fighting bots, we had conversations with the owners of the application, they understand how important this fight is, and any player reports will now be sent directly to them, bypassing requests to clubs / unions for a faster response. Also, the security service has improved the methods for detecting bots and, as we can see, they are actually working.

? We are accepted as agents in 11 PokerBros clubs:

Many exclusive American clubs with the best game;Game for players of any level – from NL / PL10 to NL / PL2k;Best deals which means the best rakeback percentages for you;The fastest possible withdrawals in a form convenient for you.

✌?It is impossible to describe all the details and nuances in the post, so do not hesitate to contact Kirill via Skype V-POKERE.SUPPORT or Telegram: @KirillSupport to study the set of clubs and percentages on transactions in each, as well as get a test account to view the lobby.

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