Stopping of all rakeback deals in the GG Network



PokerOK as well as all other GG Network skins players!

??? Sooner or later it had to happen and now this day has come. We are forced to inform you that all rakeback deals in the GGPokerOK room and other skins of the network have been stopped.

This is not our creative initiative, but the network’s persistent instruction for violation of which any of the affiliates will receive a permanent ban.

❤️❤️❤️ It’s no secret that our beloved GG Network is the standard of the modern poker room:

Transparent and accessible to everyone rakeback system;Stable and productive affiliate relationships with exponentially growing payouts;Complete absence of bots and teamplay;No unexpected blockages and confiscations for some far-fetched reasons such as bumhunt (what kind of word is that, does anyone know?).

??? It is natural and absolutely logical that, being the market leaders, the network has finally realized that it does not need the help of affiliates to attract players. I think that there was no need to delay and regret affirmations, but it was necessary to do it a long time ago, for example, in 2015. Why is affiliate traffic for such a self-sufficient and powerful product in all directions? Negreanu won’t let him lie.

??? The older brothers have agreed to replace rakebacks with a rake race, which will possibly start in September and will be exclusive to GGpoker players. Participation in it will be limited, conditions will be known closer to the beginning.

? In the meantime, you can talk about this and other topics with Antonio via Skype V-POKERE.SUPPORT or Telegram: @AntonioSupport

Author: Aaron Patterson